Alto Adige Balance 2019

Take a time-out!
We are your partner hotel of South Tyrol Balanca 2019: 09/04 - 21/05 e dal 03/09 - 15/10

You a sometimes feeling tired and without energy? Different foods increase your blood sugar and can cause hunger attacks! And besides, uric acid makes us fat, because the body wants to deposit it in fat.

Our contribution of Balance 2019:

Full of energy during the day with the right nutrition!
Not only will you find on our breakfast buffet a corner with food rich in alkaline but we organize a weekly appointment with Sabrina, our personal trainer. Do with her "Fitwalking" - the art of healthy walking in the Gilf promenade and then a training with the theme: Full of energy during the day. Tips for healthy eating to avoid hunger attacks. Duration 3 hours, cost € 20. We ask you to book.

Yoga - brings the body and the mind in harmony
every Thursday in our lighted hall Àlaya: meditative hatha yoga and work with the inner energies, strengthens the back: 90 min ,. € 20, please reserve. Special Yoga Packages 15-18.04., 22.-25.04., 24-27.09.2019: a package of 4 lessons of 90 min., total price € 75 / person

Alto Adige Balance 2019 organized in Merano: "Walking with taste"

with Christian Zöschg in the Sisi Park in Merano. Dr. med. Hans-Peter Greb conceived in 1979 the word "GODO", a compound of the English verbs "go" and "do". The effects of our way of walking on mind, body and soul are more incisive than we can believe. By placing the forefoot on the forefoot and not the heel, you move much easier, avoiding repercussions on the spine and joints. Duration 3 hours, please reserve. Cost: € 15 / person

The rich breakfast buffet at Zea Curtis: we love to spoil you in the morning, from 08 to 10:

we found a new place to grow aromatic herbs, tasty tomatoes and fine vegetables - a very fresh vitamin bomb on our morning buffet!
Our breakfast: 8 types of honey, betal butter with fresh herbs and ricotta with fresh herbs, jams with very little homemade sugar, local cheeses and salami, joghurt all chosen with the highest quality care, homemade juices, different muesli, coffee Schreyögg, fresh bread fand rolls from the local bakery and every day a different sweet surprise.