South Tyrol is a hidden golfing treasure. Our small but excellent golf courses offer a sunny and mild climate, beautiful scenery, and a long playing season. We are the founding hotel of the Golfclub Lana! Our guests enjoy a 20% discount on green fees at Golfclub Lana, and a 10% discount on all golf classes (see below)!

Your vantage staying with us:
You have at the Golfclub Lana Brandis 20% of discount and in all other golfclubs of Southtyol, open from 20/02 - 15/12/2021
10% of rebate, showing us your bill!

Southtyrol Golfcourts
Golfclub Lana Brandis, 9 holes, distance 15 min. by car
Golfclub Passeier, 18 holes, distance 30 min by car
NEW 2015: Golfclub Appiano, 9 holes, distance 30 min. by car
Golfclub Petersberg, 18 holes, distance 60 min by car
Golfclub Karersee, 9 holes, distance 60 min by car
Golfclub Alta Badia, 9 holes, distance 60 min by car
Golfclub Sarnonico in South Tyrol, 18 holes + 3 executives, distance 60 min by car

Prezzi Green fee 2021 Golfclub Lana rates:
balls rage, 30 balls: € 4,50
Greenfee 9 holes:  € 45 for you 36,00 €
Greenfee 18 holes  € 78 for you  62,40 €

For more information, course description and tournament schedule.