Tappeiner promenade

An absolute "must-do" is the Tappeiner promenade, which takes its name from the physicial Dr. Tappeiner, who built it about 100 years ago.

It is about 4 km long and full of exotic trees and plants; you can rest on one of the numerous benches or take pictures in the panoramic spots above our beautiful green city. When you're hungry, ou can stop at one of the typical restaurants on the way.
There are five ways to reach this panoramic route:

  • the serpentine walks in the city centre, behind the Sovereign Castle,
  • The stairs behind the San Nicolò cathedral, near the Barbara chapel
  • From the cathedral, on the right you can reach the most historical part of Merano; from Via Zeno you can reach the Tappeiner promenade;
  • right after the ravine at the Gilf promenade, you can follow the instruction the reach it
  • to avoid every ascent by foot, from the train station you can take the “Castello Thurnstein” bus. Step down at the “Tappeiner” bus stop.