Terme Merano Partner

Since the new thermal baths in Merano opened we have been their partner hotel. It really is worthwhile to visit this facility with its 12 indoor pools and 13 outdoor pools, a huge variety of saunas and relaxation rooms and a mega fitness studio. The vast park with its established gardens and outdoor pools is open from 15th May to 15th September. Extremely effective inhalations can be prescribed by the doctor and therefore reimbursed by your health insurance.
The advantage for you: an in-house desk for partner firms reduces your waiting time at peak times and special weeks with reduced entrance -see website.

Our tip for you 2019: in all this time you pay the ticket of 3 h and you stay the hole day
01th April - 12th April                                                         
06th May - 31st May
24th June -  12th July  
02nd September - 27th September                                                       
05th November - 23rd November
Also for the weekends! Supplement for the spa with saunas...

Special offer: for a treatment "softpack" for 39 € or a single bath a 34 € you have 20% of rebate!